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New Life Center - AZ Emergency Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims

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Sprint to the Finish Campaign!

When you make a gift to New Life Center’s “Sprint to the Finish” AZ Tax Credit Campaign for NLC Families, you become a part of the solution to create safer communities by helping one child and one family at a time overcome the trauma of violence in their homes.

Gifts to New Life Center are eligible for tax credit!

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New Life Center is dedicated to the life-saving and life-changing work of providing emergency shelter
for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

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No one deserves to be abused…

Domestic violence occurs among all types of families regardless of income, profession, religion, ethnicity, educational level, or race.

Domestic violence must be taken seriously

Unless some type of intervention occurs,

the violence generally becomes more

severe and more frequent.

“Every 44 minutes in Arizona, a child witnesses an act of domestic violence.”

Get Help!

New Life Center is here to empower victims.

Each year New Life Center provides more than 24,000 nights of safety to women and children.

95% of the families that come through our doors do not return to the abusive environment from which they came.

Our Mission

“Saving Lives, Building Futures…Empowering survivors escaping domestic violence.”



Children are affected…Help New Life Center break the cycle

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New Life Center

The passion and commitment of New Life Center is best demonstrated by its mission:”Saving Lives, Building Futures…Empowering survivors escaping domestic violence.” New Life Center provides a temporary safe haven for families fleeing domestic violence. Our comprehensive 120-day program empowers families to craft independent lives.

New Life Center