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What Makes Us Unique? - New Life Center

What Makes Us Unique?

New Life Center offers a place to heal and tools to succeed. More than 90 percent of the women and children completing New Life Center’s award winning programs move on to safe housing options.

Because of New Life Center’s unique garden-apartment-style design, families at the Center have private rooms to mend together. Most shelters are unable to accommodate older boys. The design of the facility, coupled with NLC’s commitment to save mothers the agonizing choice of leaving a child in an unsafe situation, allows the Center to accommodate teenage boys.

A bilingual and multicultural staff ensures that bilingual and monolingual Spanish-speaking families receive comprehensive services and opportunities. What brings us all together from these wide diverse backgrounds, is that we are all passionate about helping others find the road to self-reliance and safety.

We are committed to ensuring that we provide quality programs and services to residents. While industry standards allow for administrative costs of 25-35 percent, New Life Center holds administrative costs to a mere 8 percent of overall costs.



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